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Professor Lv Pengzhi Attended the Historical Anthropology of Chinese Society Conference in HK

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During December 15 to 16, the Historical Anthropology of Chinese Society Conference: Conclusion and New Beginnings had held in Fung King Hey building of CUHK. This conference was hosted by Chinese University of Hong Kong and the research center of historical anthropology in Sun Yat-sen University. There were 80 experts and scholars from mainland of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and the United States attended the meeting. Professor Lv Pengzhi from school of Humanities in SWJTU was invited to the conference.

This conference is the summary meeting of the plan of Historical Anthropology of Chinese Society. The 8-year plan was sponsored by 2344.7 Hong Kong dollars, which is for reverting the unification history around China based on historical literature and field study. Professor Lv is one of participants of“Regional Religion” team leaded by professor John Lagerwey and professor Tan Weilun of Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Documents of Daoist Rituals and related collected papers are part of the achievements of AoE plan.

In addition to opening address and round-table summary, 12 sessions were in the schedule as well. Professor Lv had addressed in session 8: Book Series Produced by Project Participants and briefly introduced the Documents of Daoist Rituals.This series book has mainly published the Daoist rituals materials, research reports and books at home and abroad, which is for continuing the career of professor Wang Qiugui and protect Daoist cultural heritage by modern academic method.

Professor Lv had pointed that it was difficult to collect field materials because Daoist rituals are esoteric since ancient times. The published books need to take years and pots of money, but it is still significant to participant in this big research plan with professor John Lagerwey.